Cards, Bones, & Charm Readings

Love, Luck, Career and Past Life. Intuitive card reading advise on all matters of life and answers all your personal questions.

Intuitive Card , Charm or Bone Readings

One 30-45 minute Session:

  • Cards-$30.00
  • Bones- $35.00
  • Charms-$40.00

One 1 Hour Combo Readings Session:

  • $60.00 (Bones/Charms with Cards)

Ten 1-hour Sessions (Prepaid):

  • $500.00 ($100.00 Savings)


Hoodoo & Rootwork Services

Harnessing the power of candles, roots and herbs to help in all matter of life. Love, Luck, Money, Protection, Evil-Eye, even hex removal.

Hoodoo & Rootwork  Services Candle Services & Spell Work :

  • $40.00 to $125.00 (depending on service)

Mojo, Gri Gri, Poppets, or other workings:

  • Starting at $20.00 & up.

Spiritual Counseling Sessions

Ms. Brooklyn is  an Ordained Minister who can provide you will confidential spiritual counseling on all aspects of your life.

One 60 minute Session:

  • $60.00

Twelve 1-hour sessions package (Prepaid):

  • $600.00 (one per month) ($120.00 Savings)

Chakra Balancing ,Reiki & Crystal Energy Healing Sessions

The Seven Chakras are the energy centers in our bodies where energy flows. Got a blocked Chakra?  Ms. Brooklyn can help put your life back in balance.

One 60 minute Session:

  • $50.00 (Includes Consultation to access your needs.)

Five 1-hour sessions (Prepaid):

  •  $200.00 ($50.00 Savings)