🤩Exciting News🤩

I have some exciting news…I have been working with this amazing plant medicine on my own personal journey and have now become an Ambassador for Four Visions Market. Four Visions is a celestial candy shop! They bridge your front door to the Amazon. 🌱
Below is my affiliate link:


Click the link to learn more and check them out. And if you want to hear about my journey with these amazing products, please message me and let’s chat. This has taken my spiritual journey to a whole other level. 💗

Just a few reasons why I decided to join the Four Visions family:

They work directly with the tribes and artisans represented in their market place. 50% of your purchase goes back to those creating these beautiful tools and pieces of art.

They guarantee all their goods are made in prayer in the tradition of each tribe. Your item is always one of the highest quality possible.

They also offer you a 100% unconditional total satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied with what you get, you can simply request a full refund and one will be given to you. No strings attached.

If you would like to sit in sacred ceremony with me and learn more about these products and how I use them in my own spiritual path, please message me. I love the products so much that it was time that I shared them with you. Blessing’s.


Reiki Healing Requests

If you or someone you know would like to receive a distant Reiki treatment please send a message via the contact link.

Ms. Brooklyn sends Reiki everyday to those in need of healing. She would be happy to add you to her list to receive.

Please include the name of the person who would like to receive Reiki along with any illness or situations you are concerned about. *

All disclosure of medical issues are kept strictly confidential.

Please note that after 2 weeks your name comes off her Reiki list. After 2 weeks you will need to send in another request for continued healing.

Ms. Brooklyn would love to hear feedback of any improvements or other experiences you may be having. Thank you for allowing her to serve you.

*By submitting your request you acknowledge and understand that Reiki practitioners do not diagnose conditions nor do they prescribe or perform medical treatment. You also acknowledge and understand that Reiki does not take place of medical care. You acknowledge and understand that Reiki can compliment any medical treatment and that the body has the ability to heal itself.

OWN IT! (too good not to share)

Own it!
Own the fact that you are different.
Own that you are a deep feeler and thinker.
Own the fact that you are tuned into a different frequency.
Own the fact that you sense things others don’t.
Own the fact that you want to talk about angels, energy, miracles and spirituality.
Own that you’re done having meaningless conversations.
Own that you’re done holding yourself back.
Own that you crave freedom to feel the now.
It’s ok if your family don’t get you.
It’s ok if the world judges you.
It’s ok that you want to dance barefoot upon the earth and endlessly gaze at the stars.
It’s ok that you cry over sunsets and chase moonbeams.
It’s wonderful in fact.
It’s beautiful.
You have come a long way to be who you are.
So own it.
Own all of it.
Love all of you.
The world needs you to be exactly as you are.
You hold the balance in this crazy world.

~ Eryka Stanton ~

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Gratitude to the Unknown Artist

The Moon You Were Born Under

I was born under a Waning Gibbous.


If you don’t know which phase you were born under check out this calculator to help you out!



Images from Luminarydivine on FB Please check them out for more infor.

Card of the Day 9/18/2020

✨✨✨Card of the Day✨✨✨

Energy flows where your intentions go.

Intentions are huge in our workings and in our daily lives. We need to be clear on what we want. Be conscious of what you are really asking for.

How can you change your wordings to get the best outcome? Some food for thought. 🤔😉

-Brooklyn ✌🏼🖤☕️

Card of the day 9/16/2020

✨✨✨Card of the Day✨✨✨

Courage-🦁An overwhelming and debilitating fear has a significant impact at even the thought of coming face to face with your problem. Avoidance and an exaggerated, unrealistic sense of danger has led to restrictions and increased your anxiety. Try tracking back to the original source of your problem will help you understand your triggers and your reactions. When we look back this can help you heal.

This card is a reminder that you are safe and protected. Your fears relate to past life. And to go easy on you because “understanding” is the key to healing.🦁


One on one card readings are always available. If you would like to schedule a reading time please DM me for more information. Let’s see what the cards have in store for you.

Card of the day 9/15/2020

✨✨✨Card of the Day✨✨✨


Are you open to receive? This card shows a lady raising her hands upwards to receive while standing in water with no head. This card is nudging you to look at your emotions. Water = Emotions. The lotus represents unity with the universe and how she is in tune. She is a reminder to have gratitude for whatever life brings without expectations and demands. Listen. This will help with keeping you grounded and your emotions in check. Take this time to listen and be open to receive all that is on its way to you. ☕️

Card of the Day 9/14/2020

✨Card of the Day✨


This mermaid asks, what is that you are waiting for? Is it a person, a situation, maybe even yourself? What are the actions you can take while you are ‘waiting’ for it to manifest? Are you just going to wait and let things unfold? Do you know you can help out the situation? It’s important to take some action. Your ship is about to come in…but if you can swim…why not meet it halfway. Just means you don’t have to wait so long.😉

Some food for thought. 🧜🏼‍♀️🖤🧜🏼‍♂️

There is a message waiting for you.

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