Tarot & Numerology


Using the numbers in Tarot can help you gain a better understanding of what the card is trying to get across to you in your readings.

Below I have included some key words to help you better understand each number. Remember to use the number according to the suit pulled, be it Cups, Wands, Swords, or Pentacles.

An example: Ace of Wands=New work endevore or opportunity is coming your way! (See how that works.)😉

As always take what resonates and leave what doesn’t. Remember this journey is yours and how you read cards is your own.

Enjoy the Devine Tarot Way. ☕

Aces in Tarot– New Beginnings
– Raw Potential
– Opportunities

– New Beginnings
– Raw Potential
– Opportunities

Twos in Tarot

– Partnership/Relationships
– Duality
– Harmony
– Balance

Threes in Tarot

– Growth
– Teamwork or a group
– Setting the idea in motion

Fours in Tarot

– Foundation
– Structure
– Stability
– Manifestation coming through

Fives in Tarot

– Conflict
– Change
– Challenges

Sixes in Tarot

– Cooperation
– Harmony
– Community
– Perseverance

Sevens in Tarot

– Reflection
– Assessment
– Inquiry
– Patience

Eights in Tarot

– Action
– Growth
– Expansion

Nines in Tarot

– Achievement
– Fulfillment
– Near completion

Tens in Tarot

– Completion
– Ending of Cycle
– Rebirth

Small Business In The Time Of Covid.


In this trying time where Covid took down most small businesses it has forced alot of us to find a new way to keep our businesses running. I’ll be the first to admit I have neglected my blog and had most of my focus on the retail shop, events, and my Facebook page.

Well that need’s to change.

Covid has given me the push to re-focus, re-brand and reassess how Brooklyn’s Brewtique & Magical Apothecary will run. So with that said. I’m back. Back to blogging, back to try my hand at online sales and possibly online classes.

I ask that you continue to bare with me in this transition as we charter unknown waters in the ever changing day to day life in the times of Covid.

You have all hung with me this long.

You all know nothings stopping this crazy witch…we just keep pushing, changing, and growing! We got big goals…some want me to throw in the towel and take my losses, but I just can’t do that. I’m not ready to! So here we are. You coming with?

I just want to thank you from the bottom of my black heart for being along side me and my journey. Let’s see where this next year takes me.


Message for 5/28/19-Are you chained to your emotions?


TODAYS MESSSGE: Are you chained to your emotions?

Stop living in fear and bondage. Your are allowing negative forces to hold you back. Old habits, relationships, the thoughts on how it should be. Stop it! You think you have no control. When in fact you have everything you need to move forward. This is the time to bring all negative influences into awareness and take action.The Devil card is also a reminder that if you don’t put in the work, you will only repeat the vicious cycle your in.

So I’ll ask the question again. Are you a chained to your emotions? It’s time to free yourself. It’s long overdue. But it’s always your choice. Choose wisely. 🔒⛓🗝

Fuck Fear-Message for 5/23/19


Today’s message:

Fuck Fear! You are being divinely guided back to peace and balance and are protected mind, body and spirit. You are overcoming fear and any negative emotions associated with it. Take this time to rid yourself of those energies. Time to send those fear feelings packing. Hot foot those emotions and say bye bye. Conquering fear will make you feel empowered, courageous, and proud.
When we face fear head on it puts us back in control. Time to say🖕to fear.

Time To Reshuffle The Deck-Message for 5/21/19


Today’s message: The help your seeking is coming. But you have to be willing to help yourself first. You may have lost a job, your struggling financially, or things just feel destitute. Now is the time to dig deep and balance the budget, manage your time better, start juggling your resources. You have everything your needing to keep moving forward. Alot of times we want someone else to fix things. We also like to blame others for our shitty decisions. Now is not the time. You have the insight, the knowledge and understanding to handle business. Take this as your sign to stop playing the victim. The poor me card you keep playing is losing. It’s time to re-shuffle the deck, so you can win.

5 of Diamonds♦️
Ace if Spades ♠️
2 of Diamonds ♦️

Stand up, dust yourself off, and get shit done.
-Brooklyn ✌🖤☕

Card Message for 5/20/19


Today’s message: Is about change.*

It is now time to change directions, putting the past behind you and moving on. You or someone close to you is having a hard time focusing and this could be the reason it is time to move on.

There is a strong female energy that can help handle the situation at hand. Be it a mother, sister, friend, or spiritual connection. Turn towards it and the direction you are to head in will be given to you.

Be still, listen, then make the move.🖤

*Six of Spades♠️
Jack of Clubs♣️
Queen of Diamonds♦️

-Brooklyn ✌🖤☕

Scissors and Magical Workings.


So why Scissors? Scissors symbolize cutting as well as separating something.Best scissors to use in your workings are all metal ones. Why you ask…because steel has protective qualities. Today, it’s hard to find all metal ones. But everyone should have a good pair of metal scissors in their magical cabinet. I’d suggest 2…one for magical uses and one for everyday use. If they are well taken care of you can have them a lifetime.Something to think about when making magic…you can use them to seperate a relationship, to cut something off that is no longer serving you, cut and clearing, and even uncrossing.You can use scissors for protection too. Depending on your belief can be used to protect you from other witches, faires, or other spiritual attacks.Another use was for healing. People would put them under beds of the sick to cut the illness short or under the beds of laboring women to cut the pain.Some believe never leave scissors open as it brings bad luck. And there is superstition of dropping scissors. We don’t need any of that! So whatever your belief is and how you want to use them, just be careful.If you got any ways you use scissors drop a comment.✂️