Take The Trash Out


Your house isn’t the only thing that needs cleaning. Sometimes the people in our lives that cause us harm or bring negativity, need to be thrown out too. Don’t let fake friends, family, exes, or old habits hinder your growth. I feel 2019 has soo much in store for everyone, but we need to make room to let that growth happen. Time to take the trash out…🚮
-Brooklyn ✌🖤☕

The truth WILL set you free.


Good ol’ commen sense and knowledge can come in handy. If something feels off…question it. Dig deep and figure it out. Do some research. Don’t brush a feeling under the rug because you want something soo bad. It might just save you the heartache later.

Gator Teeth


Channel the spirit of the Alligator.

Real Alligator Teeth Curio Jar

Gator teeth are carried by many as a talisman to be used in games of chance and to bring good luck. You can anoint these with my Van Van oil and recite the 23rd Psalm while setting your intention.

Single alligator teeth can also be used as an ingredient in spell work and mojo bags, typically for its protective and good luck qualities.

You will receive one vial of real alligator teeth.
$5.00 each

*Sold as a curio
**Larger loaded gator teeth can be prepared by Brooklyn for an additional charge. Please DM for inquiries.

Cascarilla Powder


Cascarilla (powered eggshells) is great at repelling negative energy.

Some uses for Cascarilla powder are:

-Use in purification baths.
-Protection magic.
-Chalk to draw sigils or circles for workings.
-Can dust yourself or your home for protection.
-Also can be used in protection sachets and/or charm bags.

Cascarilla has many other uses…it’s a must for any magical cabinet.

You will receive one cup of Cascarilla powder per order.
Price is $1.00 a cup.
Buy 3 cups get 1 free.

*Sold as a curio only. Not for consumption.
**This Cascarilla is ground down soo fine it makes a chalky powder. If you would like a chunkier version, please DM me and we can accommodate that request as well.

Incense Resin & Powder


We have Incense Resin and Powder in stock!

Mayan Copal
White Copal
And our custom resin mix “Calming Bliss” and Santa Muerte Incense Powder.

Also available charcoal disks, tongs, and shells. Gift packs available by request.

Come see me this Saturday for your last minute Christmas shopping. I will be at the Longhorn feed store on Academy and Shaw from 1 to 6pm.

Christmas at the Longhorn
Saturday, December 22, 2018
5092 N. Academy Ave. Clovis. CA 93619
1pm to 6pm
Lots of vendors. Get your last minute shopping done in one place. Hope to see you out there.

It’s ok to say NO!


It’s ok to say NO! It’s also ok to tell someone to FUCK OFF. Sometimes these 2 responses can bring you the most peace. You don’t need to please anyone but yourself. If someone is draining your soul or your feeling overwhelmed by always saying yes to things …its time to change that. Set boundaries. Be the calm you need. Just say it. #brooklyndevine559 #spiritmessages #readthatagain #NO #Fuckoff #beyourowncalm #peace #someoneneedsthis

New to the shop…


Crystal Chipstone Earrings
$5.00 each.
Stainless steel hoop earring with healing crystal energy.

Lapis Lazuli- A stone of awareness, self expression and helps you speak your truths. Can inspire confidence when worn.

Hematite- A stone to help absorb negative energies, calms stress, and helps keep you grounded.

Amethyst- A stone that brings peace, clarity, spiritual insight. Also a great stone for psychic awareness and your intuition.

Hamsa Hand- Brings protection, power and strength. Known to protect you from the evil eye. Also used to bring happiness, luck, good health, and fortune.

Comment or DM me to purchase. Find me on Facebook and Instagram. Local pick up or shipping is available.

Be The Whole Damn Fire🔥



Sometimes we get knocked down and that’s ok. Sometimes people come at you trying to blow out your flame or dull your sparkle. That’s ok. It’s ok to fall down. It’s ok to also get back up. Just remember that you are not broken or that your fire is gone. It only takes a tiny spark to light back up. So when you decide to get back up…make sure you come back as the whole damn fire. Set yourself ablaze and destroy anything that knocked you down or was holding you back. Rise above and burn it all away.  Burn brighter. 🔥



Predators In The Spiritual Community


Was just having a discussion on this regarding pedophiles and religion…Not all pedophiles are just in the Catholic church. Come on….really! They are also in every other spiritual belief as well.

I bet you had no idea that you have dealt with one so closely. I bet you had no idea you’re helping feed and keep a roof over ones head. Your probably saying to yourself there is no way I would be around a predator like that. Think again. You have! They are walking amongst us looking for their next victim.

Pedophiles are master manipulators. You think you’re getting help from a spiritual person but in reality you are being preyed upon by these people. They use your weaknesses and insecurities to bring you in and they start grooming you. Next thing you know you are trusting them with your spiritual life. Your then trusting them with helping your family. Your children. Just more grooming. And then what happens…the unthinkable.

People prey on the weak and hurting. Dont fall victim to these people.

The grooming is also done by the enabler! The person who hides the crimes and manipulate those closest to them to basically serve the needs of the predator. The ones serving them up on a silver platter to these monsters.

It’s a sad world when you can’t even feel safe taking your children to local events, or out in public anymore. Let alone sending them to schools to also be victims of people molesting or hurting your children and then covering up the crimes. There is a current case locally where a teacher from a well-known “religious” school was busted molesting young boys while in class. That angers me and makes me fear for my own children’s safety in the public school system.

My point is this, don’t be fooled by these people. Regardless of some status or some online certificate that says they are some Guru or spiritual leader. There are multiple cases of people not just children being hurt in the spiritual community. Please don’t fall prey to any of them. Please just be careful. Know who you are dealing with. Next time you have a gut feeling about someone, listen to it. Its your intuition talking Know who you are around. Know who you’re holding up in such high regard. Not all spiritual people are out to help you. They are only out to help their pocketbooks and ego.