Card of the Day 9/18/2020


✨✨✨Card of the Day✨✨✨

Energy flows where your intentions go.

Intentions are huge in our workings and in our daily lives. We need to be clear on what we want. Be conscious of what you are really asking for.

How can you change your wordings to get the best outcome? Some food for thought. 🤔😉

-Brooklyn ✌🏼🖤☕️

Card of the day 9/16/2020


✨✨✨Card of the Day✨✨✨

Courage-🦁An overwhelming and debilitating fear has a significant impact at even the thought of coming face to face with your problem. Avoidance and an exaggerated, unrealistic sense of danger has led to restrictions and increased your anxiety. Try tracking back to the original source of your problem will help you understand your triggers and your reactions. When we look back this can help you heal.

This card is a reminder that you are safe and protected. Your fears relate to past life. And to go easy on you because “understanding” is the key to healing.🦁


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Card of the day 9/15/2020


✨✨✨Card of the Day✨✨✨


Are you open to receive? This card shows a lady raising her hands upwards to receive while standing in water with no head. This card is nudging you to look at your emotions. Water = Emotions. The lotus represents unity with the universe and how she is in tune. She is a reminder to have gratitude for whatever life brings without expectations and demands. Listen. This will help with keeping you grounded and your emotions in check. Take this time to listen and be open to receive all that is on its way to you. ☕️

Card of the Day 9/14/2020


✨Card of the Day✨


This mermaid asks, what is that you are waiting for? Is it a person, a situation, maybe even yourself? What are the actions you can take while you are ‘waiting’ for it to manifest? Are you just going to wait and let things unfold? Do you know you can help out the situation? It’s important to take some action. Your ship is about to come in…but if you can swim…why not meet it halfway. Just means you don’t have to wait so long.😉

Some food for thought. 🧜🏼‍♀️🖤🧜🏼‍♂️

There is a message waiting for you.


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