Tarot & Numerology

Using the numbers in Tarot can help you gain a better understanding of what the card is trying to get across to you in your readings.

Below I have included some key words to help you better understand each number. Remember to use the number according to the suit pulled, be it Cups, Wands, Swords, or Pentacles.

An example: Ace of Wands=New work endevore or opportunity is coming your way! (See how that works.)đŸ˜‰

As always take what resonates and leave what doesn’t. Remember this journey is yours and how you read cards is your own.

Enjoy the Devine Tarot Way. ☕

Aces in Tarot– New Beginnings
– Raw Potential
– Opportunities

– New Beginnings
– Raw Potential
– Opportunities

Twos in Tarot

– Partnership/Relationships
– Duality
– Harmony
– Balance

Threes in Tarot

– Growth
– Teamwork or a group
– Setting the idea in motion

Fours in Tarot

– Foundation
– Structure
– Stability
– Manifestation coming through

Fives in Tarot

– Conflict
– Change
– Challenges

Sixes in Tarot

– Cooperation
– Harmony
– Community
– Perseverance

Sevens in Tarot

– Reflection
– Assessment
– Inquiry
– Patience

Eights in Tarot

– Action
– Growth
– Expansion

Nines in Tarot

– Achievement
– Fulfillment
– Near completion

Tens in Tarot

– Completion
– Ending of Cycle
– Rebirth

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