Keep It Moving Message for 4/26/19

Message two…

Some people are just shady…and all out for themselves. One thing to remember is that people may not always tell you how they feel…but they will show you. Watch. πŸ‘€ You won’t even have to say anything. Pay attention! Maybe that’s where it’s time to tap into your intuition. πŸ€” Think about it. Watch. Listen. The signs are all there. πŸš·πŸ™…πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

Too many times we already know what’s needed and should be done. We ignore signs and NOW is not the time to ignore them. If it feels off…then there’s something off. Don’t push it aside this time…feel it, own it, and keep it moving yourself. Sometimes those blessings are speed bumps to slow you down…when in fact it’s time to push the gas! 😏

Another thing…stop proving your worth. YOU already know your worth and if people can’t appreciate what you bring to the table then they are NOT for you. πŸ‘ˆREAD THAT AGAIN.

Here is what you say to them…keep it moving and don’t stand in the way…your blocking my blessing. Bye Felicia!✌

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