Scissors and Magical Workings.


So why Scissors? Scissors symbolize cutting as well as separating something.Best scissors to use in your workings are all metal ones. Why you ask…because steel has protective qualities. Today, it’s hard to find all metal ones. But everyone should have a good pair of metal scissors in their magical cabinet. I’d suggest 2…one for magical uses and one for everyday use. If they are well taken care of you can have them a lifetime.Something to think about when making magic…you can use them to seperate a relationship, to cut something off that is no longer serving you, cut and clearing, and even uncrossing.You can use scissors for protection too. Depending on your belief can be used to protect you from other witches, faires, or other spiritual attacks.Another use was for healing. People would put them under beds of the sick to cut the illness short or under the beds of laboring women to cut the pain.Some believe never leave scissors open as it brings bad luck. And there is superstition of dropping scissors. We don’t need any of that! So whatever your belief is and how you want to use them, just be careful.If you got any ways you use scissors drop a comment.✂️

Keep It Moving Message for 4/26/19


Message two…

Some people are just shady…and all out for themselves. One thing to remember is that people may not always tell you how they feel…but they will show you. Watch. 👀 You won’t even have to say anything. Pay attention! Maybe that’s where it’s time to tap into your intuition. 🤔 Think about it. Watch. Listen. The signs are all there. 🚷🙅🏻‍♀️

Too many times we already know what’s needed and should be done. We ignore signs and NOW is not the time to ignore them. If it feels off…then there’s something off. Don’t push it aside this time…feel it, own it, and keep it moving yourself. Sometimes those blessings are speed bumps to slow you down…when in fact it’s time to push the gas! 😏

Another thing…stop proving your worth. YOU already know your worth and if people can’t appreciate what you bring to the table then they are NOT for you. 👈READ THAT AGAIN.

Here is what you say to them…keep it moving and don’t stand in the way…your blocking my blessing. Bye Felicia!✌

Message of the Day 4/26/19


In the past, you have worked too hard at making things work that weren’t meant to be…but life happens…and now it’s time to let it flow…you will no longer stress, worry, chase anyone or fight to keep anyone or anything around. Maybe this is why things need to be different this time…you need the things/people that seek you out…stop worrying and watch what/who gravitates towards YOU! What’s for you will always find a way to you.

Food For Thought


You’re allowed to leave any story you don’t find yourself in. You’re allowed to leave any story you don’t love yourself in.

You’re allowed to leave a city that has dimmed your light instead of making you shine brighter, you’re allowed to pack all your bags and start over somewhere else and you’re allowed to redefine the meaning of your life.
You’re allowed to quit the job you hate even if the world tells you not to and you’re allowed to search for something that makes you look forward to tomorrow and to the rest of your life.

You’re allowed to leave someone you love if they’re treating you poorly, you’re allowed to put yourself first if you’re settling and you’re allowed to walk away when you’ve tried over and over again but nothing has changed.

You’re allowed to let toxic friends go, you’re allowed to surround yourself with love, and people who encourage and nurture you. You’re allowed to pick the kind of energy you need in your life.

You’re allowed to forgive yourself for your biggest and smallest mistakes and you’re allowed to be kind to yourself, you’re allowed to look in the mirror and actually like the person you see.

You’re allowed to set yourself free from your own expectations.

We sometimes look at leaving as a bad thing or associate it with giving up or quitting, but sometimes leaving is the best thing you can do for yourself.
Leaving allows you to change directions, to start over, to rediscover yourself and the world. Leaving sometimes saves you from staying stuck in the wrong place with the wrong people.

Leaving opens a new door for change, growth, opportunities and redemption.

You always have the choice to leave until you find where you belong and what makes you happy.

You’re even allowed to leave the old you behind and reinvent yourself.

Author: Rania Naim

Shared from Wild Woman Sisterhood FB page.